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International Examination & Assessment Board (IEAAB) has been established to conduct the Examination and Assessment for all Professional courses offered through RPL and Distance Learning and is fully authorize for issuing certificates to the passing out candidates. IEAAB regulates institution registration of institutes nationwide under license established and as said within the Act.

IEAAB Regulates

Registration and issuing license to institution offering Professional Courses.

to conduct examination and assessment of students according to policies established

To issue professional qualification Diplomas.


To conduct assessment of skilled youth through expert assessors on the parameters of transparency & merit while assisting with IEAAB certification on basis of standard competencies in a timely & congenial working environment


To be one of the best regulatory authority within the Private professional qualification sector for assisting professionals with issuing certificates by IEAAB


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Our Expert representatives are always ready 24/7 to assist you in all matters. For further inquiry or assistance, you are welcome to email at info@ieaab.org or WhatsApp at +92-331-11166601


Certified Professional
1 and 2 Year Diploma
Postgraduate Diploma
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